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Don't see what your looking for? No problem, just give us a call and we will work with you to create the piece(s) of your dreams!

This wood doesn't really need an explanation, it's just to pretty for words!


But I'll tell you a little bit about it anyway. This beautiful wood is 100 years old, and is reclaimed from the flooring of old boxcars. It is 8ft Long, 12" Wide and 2.25" thick. Each board is in Maple. They are all tongue and groove and have the holes left in the top from the bolts that held them in. Some of the most beautiful wood we have ever worked with. We have quite a few clients that love this stuff, check out some of the photos above.


Each board is $600, and you buy the entire board. If we have any scrap you get to keep it or have us turn it into something cool. If you plan on purchasing several we can usually cut a deal on it :-)

Reclaimed Boxcar Wood

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