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Don't see what your looking for? No problem, just give us a call and we will work with you to create the piece(s) of your dreams!

Looking for the perfect custom barn door for your space, We can make it!  We make custom barn doors in any style, shape, color and wood. Barn doors are made to fit one specific opening, so we have opted not to price them on the website. But I will say a basic barn door starts around $375. Thickness, wood and style will be the biggest factors in determining price. Here is a great photo of Camden our shop model :-)

Just kidding, here is a picture of the barn doors we have handing in the showroom. Feel free to swing by and check them out in person.

We do NOT install barn doors or sell the hardware. It costs the same for us as it does for you, no need for us to be the middle man.

Shoot us an email with a general size, wood, and style to get a quote started.

** Note **


Not all pictures depict the actual default style of the piece. For instance, some pictures show a smooth top, some show a top with "grooves or seams". Which is our standard? Grooved tables are standard. Sometimes we don't have a picture of the default style because we have never built it that way, or I simply forgot to take the photo. Please check with us when ordering to see what is standard. Wood, sizes, styles and finishes will  very on ALL pieces. We try our best to communicate all the options, but we ask that you also try to let us know what you like and don't like. We are truly custom, feel free to mix and match tops, bases, colors and woods. Then maybe your table will be the main photo on our website

Custom Barn Doors TX
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