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Frequent Questions
Have more questions? No problem, give us a call or shoot over an email.


Question: Can I come see some pieces before I place an order?
Answer: Yes, we have a showroom in our warehouse. Come out and visit us at 7126 South FM 548, Royse City, Tx 75189. 


Question: Do I have to pay extra to have my furniture stained?
Answer: No*, the prices include the stain color of your choice.
*The sanded barn wood stain does cost extra, because it is a multi-step process. 

Question: How do I protect my rustic wood furniture to keep it looking great?
Answer: If your rustic furniture piece(s) are going to be used frequently, a polyurethane coating is recommended. Polyurethane will protect your furniture from food and drink spills as well as general wear and tear. Polyurethane comes in 4 different sheens; matte, satin, semi-gloss & high gloss. Even with the polyurethane coating, still take extra care when using your rustic wood furniture. Avoid placing hot items directly on the furniture - use trivets, placemats, coasters - and if there is a spill, clean it up in a timely manner so it does not stain your wood. 


We would be more than happy to polyurethane your pieces after staining them. It does cost a little extra (depending on the size of the piece), but it will keep your furniture looking great!

Question: Will you deliver my furniture to me and if so how much does it cost?
Answer: Yes, we do deliver! It is $2.50 a mile from our address to yours. Anything over 100 miles away will have an upcharge. Delivery includes the table being placed exactly where you want it in your home. We do not move existing pieces in the room, we ask that you do that before we arrive. Because our trailer is almost 40ft long we are not allowed to deliver to some places. These are usually condos and town homes. If you live in either of those please let us know up front. If you do not inform us up front and we pull up to deliver your pieces, we will refuse to deliver. All delivery fees are non-refundable.

Question: How long does it take to make my furniture?
Answer: Our waiting list can range from 6 -12 weeks sometimes it takes  little longer and sometimes a little less. This of course does change a little bit depending on how many orders we already have in line as well as how many pieces you order. Check withus  befor placing an order to see how long the list is now.

Question: Do you offer any discounts?
Answer: Yes, if you purchase more than one piece at a time we will give you 10% off your total price. The discount does not apply to Game of Thrones, Queen Victoria, Trestle Tables and Benches, Delivery Fees, Custom Orders, or Rush Orders.


Question: Do I need to give you a deposit when I place my order?
Answer: Yes and No, if your order is under $200 we do not require a deposit. If your order is over $200 we do require a 20% or a 50% deposit, which can be paid through PayPal or by cash if you’re local. 50% Deposits are required on all orders with Chairs, Trestle Legs, Queen Victoria Tables, Special Wood Types, Rush Orders and Custom Orders.

Question: What type of payment do you accept?
Answer: We accept cash, credit and debit cards. We do NOT accept checks.


Question: Do you make extensions, or tables with leaves?

Answer: Yes, we make extensoins to go on some of our tables. Not all of our designs work well with extensions. Our extensions are very simple and are not designed to be left on the table for extended periods of time. These are designed to go on before a big family dinner, and taken off afterward.

Question: I have already paid my deposit, but no longer need or want the piece. Can my 20% or 50% deposit be refunded?
Answer: All deposits are non-refundable. But your deposit will apply to any future orders you may place.  

Question: I have ordered a custom piece what if I don't like it, can I get a refund?
Answer: No refunds will be given on custom orders. We will gladly work with you to fix or change what you do not like about the piece.  

Question: I need my order next weekend for a huge party, can I get my order by then?
Answer: Yes and No, we do rush orders for a fee. The fee depends on how soon you need the piece(s), they are usually between $150-$500. Sometimes there is just no way to rush orders, we do try our best to get you what you your piece on time, but sometimes its just not possible.

Question: What type of wood do you use? Is it heavy?
Answer: Our default pricing is for pine. We also offer several hardwoods and a few reclaimed options.


Question: What if I get my table and don't like the colors?
Answer: Every piece we make is made to order. That means you choose the size, style and color. If you do not love how your table turned out let us know. We do encourage you to ask for a sample and live with it in your home for a week. Lighting changes everything! Please also keep in mind that every piece of wood is different! Every board will stain differently, please understand this before ordering with us.

Question: You just called and said my piece(s) are ready for pickup. I am heading out of town and can't get them for a week. Will you hold them?
Answer: We will hold pieces if we have room. You must pay the remaining balance on the items, that way we know you are actually going to pick them up and are not using our business as a storage facility.


Question: I would like to order a few pieces from the Bernhardt Furniture Collection. Do I need to put a deposit down or pay in full.
Answer: One of the reasons we are able to offer such a great price on the Bernhardt pieces, is because we do not keep them in stock. That means that each piece is ordered when the customer places the order. Since we do not have the room to keep a sofa, we do require that you pay in full. That way we know you really do want the sofa and dont plan on leaving it at the shop.


Question: I dont like my Bernhardt Furniture, can I return it?
Answer: No, Just like the rustic furniture we make is made for you, so is your Bernhardt piece(s). If something is wrong with the piece when you pick it up or have it delivered we will get it fixed or send it back to be fixed. But Bernhardt does not accept returns otherwise.


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