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Big Changes Are Coming To Ross Rustic                 


Howdy All,


As some of yall know my personal life has been a bit chaotic the last 2-3 years. I’ve gotten divorced, sold my house, lost a business partner, had my dad diagnosed with an auto immune disease that almost killed him, moved to the country, remodeled a house that has never ending plumbing problems, survived a pandemic, fought with constant price increases and product delays, found an amazing man, got married and became a step parent to two. Going from no kids to 2 kids was probably the biggest change. But we have some more changes coming up. We would like to grow our family. In order to do that I will be slowing down the table business.


What does that mean? We are NOT closing our doors, but we are renting out the building to another company and moving the table shop to our ranch. I am taking it back to simpler times, with just one or two employees working from an old barn. We will still produce some amazing pieces, but we will no longer have a showroom or the overhead. Did you know that we never meet 90% of our customers. They are online orders and don’t live close enough to stop by. While we will still have a small space for people to check out our orders, it wont be a full showroom.

The slowing down of the business will help a ton when I do become pregnant. As I will not be able to be around any of the finishes we use daily. So I basically become useless. I'm also taking this time to help my mom at her company 1-2 days a week. Turns out I get bored really fast. Without a showroom things are pretty boring. 


Thank you for your support

Lauren Collins (formerly Ross)

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