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General information regarding our Warranty and Return policies. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Warranty Policy

Ross Rustic Tables (RRT) offers a 60 day warranty for all wood and metal pieces and a 30 day warranty on all copper and epoxy pieces. This warranty guarantees that is something is wrong with your piece because of bad craftsmanship, we will fix it. The exception to this policy is if you or a member of your household has damaged the piece. It is usually pretty obvious to us when something goes wrong because of craftsmanship or because your friend body slammed the table during your super bowl party.


Wood is a living object and will continue to change for it's lifetime, every board will take stain and color differently. We do not cover natural changes to the wood, since these are something we cannot control.

Damage Is: Boards being loose or separating, table legs being loose, or something falling off the piece.

Damage Is NOT: Dents, Dings, Holes, Knots, Un Level Boards, Scratches in Wood, Scuff Marks, Cracks in Wood, Live Edge or Saw Marks. These are all part of the rustic nature of our pieces.


Return Policy

As Soon as a deposit is paid the following takes effect, even if the contract is not signed.

We do not accept returns. All of our pieces are made to order, and that means you have created the piece to fit your home and your taste. Which makes it impossible for us to re sell the item. We are more than happy to offer our opinion on your choices and what is most popular in our store. While we want you to have a beautiful piece, your tastes and ours will be different. Please do not come back trying to return your table, because "you didn't tell me it was an ugly color". Again, we will have different tastes.


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