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Custom RUSTIC  Furniture


Click one of the buttons above to view the custom rustic furniture pieces in that category.


All of our custom furniture pieces are made with solid pine. If you are interested in another type of wood just let us know. If you do not see a piece you love send us an email with a link or pictures to something you are interested in. All of our pieces started with a picture or drawing.


Everything is built to order and that means you get to pick the size and color of your piece. If you want a 13' 4" table with gold sparkle paint, we can do it.


We use minwax brand stains on all of our pieces. We use this brand because they are sold in almost every store. ]They are easy to get a hold of incase of a scratch on your table. Check out the color options below.


Let us know if you have any questions or would like to know a little more information.

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