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Don't see what your looking for? No problem, just give us a call and we will work with you to create the piece(s) of your dreams!


This beautiful solid knotty Alder wood trestle table is the perfect addition to any home! This table is perfect as a dining table or a conference table. Either way your making a HUGE statement with this piece.  At Ross Rustic Tables we hand make every single piece of furniture. That means you can change the table or design any way you would like. Are you wanting this table in counter height and finished in a purple stain, no problem, just give us a call.

This style has two different base options. The first option is our standard and default base, it is picture in picture #5. It is two boards stacked on top of each other and cut at a 45 degree angle. The second option is our decorative base, it is pictured in pictures #1-4. It matches the RH style and is a more curvy and upscale looking base. The decorative bench does cost $500 more, and has to be made for us up in Pennsylvania.

This style does have a matching bench, please look under the benches page for its matching partner.


** NOTE **


Not all pictures depict the actual default style of the piece. For instance, some pictures show a smooth top, some show a top with "grooves or seams". Which is our standard? Grooved tables are standard. Sometimes we don't have a picture of the default style because we have never built it that way, or I simply forgot to take the photo. Please check with us when ordering to see what is standard. Wood, sizes, styles and finishes will all very on ALL pieces. We try our best to communicate all the options, but we ask that you also try to let us know what you like and don't like. We are truly custom, feel free to mix and match tops, bases, colors and woods.

Alder Trestle Table

  • Polyurethane is the protective coating that seals your table. We don't include it because not everybody wants it. Here at RRT we think it is a life saver! It protects the wood from spills, scratches and the Texas humidity.
  • The pricing for polyurethane is $10 a running for the table top (8ft table = $80). The base is $100. Since 95% of our customers only want the top done, that is all that is covered in the finish option tab. If you would like it on the entire piece just call us!

Polyurethane is offered in three sheens...

  • Satin - The most natural and least shiny
  • Semi Gloss - Right in the middle of shiny and not shiny
  • High Gloss - Super shiny, like a piece of glass is on the table
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