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Don't see what your looking for? No problem, just give us a call and we will work with you to create the piece(s) of your dreams!

We've got River Tables in all styles & colors. Are you looking for glass or epoxy? We have both! Want blue, black or maybe gold? We can do it all! Contact us today to get started.



Write Up On The Glass Table

This beautiful table is a great blend of rustic and modern mixed with a little wood and water. The middle portion beautifully emulates a river.


This particular table was created with wood our customers had for many years (we are unsure of the type of wood). These boards hold a special place in their hearts. But these boards weren’t large enough to create a functional table for them. As soon as we brought up a rive table picture they knew it was the design for them. This beauty even includes their family brand in one of the corners.


This style table will vary in price depending on the wood and labor needed to create the river. Contact us today to get a quote started. All glass is tempered and is at least 1/4" thick (if not thicker).

River Tables

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